Coffee Tasting


Aroma is the fragrance or odor as perceived by the nose. Some coffees are more fragrant
than others and some have more coffee aroma than others.


Flavor is the combination of aroma and taste. The characteristics which contribute to flavor are
described in such terms as nutty, spicy, fragrant,
Less desirable flavor descriptors are earthy, grassy, musty, sour.

Coffees which taste heavy or rich on the tongue are said to have body. Robusta coffees
have body, hence their value for espresso. Sumatra Mandheling coffee is probably the most
full-bodied coffee, but with low acidity, which gives it a richness of flavour.

Acidity is a sharp and pleasing taste that is neither sweet nor sour.
High grown Arabica usually yield the most acidic brews, and Robusta the least acid